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The laboratory


Which constitute one of the richest domains of exploration on the planet, making it possible to propose products of unprecedented quality that respect the criteria for classification as dietary supplements.

This is expressed, notably, in the body of works written over a period of centuries and in the incessant flow of publications bearing witness to the value of this exceptional medical heritage worldwide.

A method of research based on a combination of scientific progress and the knowledge of traditional medicine practitioners

It is by studying this documentation, and through contact in the field with practitioners of traditional medicine and local scientists and the activity of permanent correspondents that we select plants and decide on the composition of our products.

This approach constitutes the basis of our research method.

We then perform appropriate studies to validate claims and the use of compositions of ingredients through collaboration with our institutional and private-sector scientific partners.

All of our products undergo fermentation to improve their bioavailability, unless this is considered unnecessary.

Léon Cariel

President and founder

In 1974, Dr Léon Cariel founded the LIERAC laboratory following the discovery of beneficial effects of a plant-based formulation on stretch marks.

This marked the start of a sustained commitment to the study of traditional pharmacopeias, principally in Nepal, India and South-East Asia.

He went on to found successive laboratories, which provided, notably, the means for performing this research.

Many missions abroad resulted in discoveries, including, in particular, a mission to Malaysia in the 1980s supported by the French Secretary of State for Research that led to the discovery of a plant with surprising efficacy against herpetic diseases, for which scientific discoveries confirmed polyvalent antiviral properties.